What I look for in developer candidates

I just sent this to our recruiter (our only recruiter, so please don’t bother if you’re not him), and it occurred to me that it might make an interesting mini-post, so here it is, copied and pasted from my email.

The main thing we look for is strong core programming skills, ideally in C# but will also consider Java and C++ programmers. The interview will include technical questions about Object Oriented programming and whichever skills the candidate claims to have.

Web development is the second most important thing for us these days. Again, there will be questions about web applications, ASP.NET fundamentals and so on.

The third thing we expect is database skills, and I’ll ask questions about database design and SQL. I don’t want people who only know ORM abstraction layers.

Obviously the level to which the questions go varies according to the level we’re interviewing for, but the basics of all three would be covered for all levels.

My big bugbear is when I ask a question which the candidate’s CV implies they should know the answer to, but it turns out they don’t.

Any code questions are asked and answered on the whiteboard, so individuals who rely totally on IntelliSense are in trouble.

If you’re looking for a developer role with a great company in Windsor, UK, and the above doesn’t put you off, please get in touch!

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