Updating to ASP.NET 5 beta3

I had some issues updating from beta2 to beta3 on my Linux box, so this is a quick post in case anyone else has problems.

There’s been a name change from 2 to 3: what was the ~/.kre folder is now just ~/.k, and there’s a different folder structure inside. The ~/.k/packages folder is the kpm cache, which used to be in ~/.kpm, and the runtime package, which used to be in ~/.kre/packages, is now in ~/.k/runtimes.

Confused? Yeah, so was I.

So here’s what you have to do:

rm -rf ~/.kre ~/.kpm

Then (on Linux) run the install script again from aspnet/Home:

curl -sSL | sh && source ~/.k/kvm/

Mac users, you should probably brew uninstall kvm (or whatever it is you people do).

Also update .bashrc

On my machine, I had to edit my ~/.bashrc file to fix the line where it ran the script.

Old line:

[ -s "/home/mark/.kre/kvm/" ] && . "/home/mark/.kre/kvm/" # Load kvm

Replacement line:

[ -s "/home/mark/.k/kvm/" ] && . "/home/mark/.k/kvm/" # Load kvm

After that everything seems to be Working On My Machine. YMMV.

Sublime users

If you’re using OmniSharp for Sublime, the roslyn branch has been updated with the latest OmniSharp Roslyn bits, so you can update that. If you just cloned the repo into ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/OmniSharp then head in there and git pull origin roslyn.

I understand that the Brackets plug-in will work quite happily if you build OmniSharp Roslyn and drop the contents of the artifacts/build directory into the relevant place in the Brackets plug-in directory.


Remember, if you have any issues with this or anything else, there are busy rooms on Jabbr where people are generally quite helpful:

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