Simple.Data status update

A few people have asked what’s happening with Simple.Data 2, so here’s an update on progress.


I expect to release beta1 in August, completing the transition to the new async API and introducing the new Batch operation, which will open a connection, run a bunch of commands (possibly allowing data to be piped from one to the next), and close the connection again. Quite probably a big breaking API change, too, where FindAllBy and FindBy will mean the same thing (i.e. return result sets) and the method for getting a single record will be GetBy. FindAllBy will probably generate "deprecated" warnings, too.


The second beta should arrive in autumn/fall, and the headline feature there is an OWIN-inspired middleware system where you can inject your own code to run on operations (requests) and results (responses). As an example, you could implement a fetch-through cache as an operation middleware (before the default handling), or a custom data-type serializer as a result middleware. Plan is to make this functional in style and as simple as possible to implement.


This one is dependent on the progress of .NET Core and CoreFx, which I want to have support for once the System.Data assemblies/namespaces are reasonably stable.


After beta3, work will focus on stability and performance until a stable 2.0 release, hopefully early in 2016.


Very much in the notional vapourware stage at the moment, I want to try and implement a Roslyn CompletionProvider to provide the dynamic database-driven IntelliSense that everyone so dearly craves. GitHub repo appearing soon…?

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