Saving Git credentials for HTTPS remotes in Windows

Very quick post

I just started using the new Git support in Team Foundation Service (which is also to say “I just started using Team Foundation Service”). It’s great; it’s proper Git and it works with the msysgit command line, but (as yet) TFS Git doesn’t support SSH authentication. After a few prompts for my user name and password when doing a git push origin, I decided I’d had enough and looked for an easier way. I found one.

Andrew Nurse, smart chap who works for Microsoft, has created git-credential-winstore, one of those apps that is unbelievably tiny and amazingly useful. Download it, run it, and the next time you push to a remote repository, up pops a Windows dialog instead. Enter the credentials in there, and on subsequent pushes to that repository, no prompt, no dialog, it just works. I love stuff that just works.

Get git-credential-winstore here.

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