Progressive .NET Tutorials

Only a month to go now until the 4th Progressive .NET Tutorials at Skills Matter, put together in collaboration with Ian Cooper of the London .NET User Group. They’ve got a packed 3 days with a bunch of excellent speakers giving in-depth tutorials and workshops on some real bleeding-edge technologies and techniques.

OK, so I’m biased. I’m honoured to have been asked to present one of the tutorials, an Introduction to NancyFx and Simple.Data. I’ve presented on this serendipitous pairing of low-ceremony web framework and ultra-light data access library a few times now, and the feedback I get from people is amazingly positive. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to dig a little deeper in this whole-afternoon workshop. Regular readers of my blog will know that Simple.Data is my project, and the session will be co-hosted by Steven Robbins, aka @Grumpydev, who (with project founder Andreas Håkansson (@TheCodeJunkie)) writes NancyFx, so you’ll be getting the latest information straight from the horses’ mouths.

I’ll be there for all three days of the event. On the Monday morning I’ll either be in Christian Hassa’s and Gasper Nagy’s all-day workshop on Gherkin Acceptance Criteria and the Automation thereof, or watching Ian Cooper and Seb Lambla talking about Package Management in the morning and Dylan Beattie’s tutorial on building great UI, which he’s aiming at people like me who are happier in the guts of an app than up near the shiny things at the top. Yeah, I should probably go to that one. Maybe I’ll learn how to use colours that aren’t blue.

I’m going to have to try and clone myself for Tuesday, because I honestly want to see all four talks. Simon Brown on Load Testing for Developers, Damjan Vujnovic on Test-Driven Development in JavaScript, Paul Stack (a personal show-biz friend of mine) on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and Adam Granicz on Advanced WebSharper, which if you haven’t heard of it is a very cool web framework based on F#.

For the Wednesday, I definitely want to see if I can get through three and a half hours of Jon Skeet’s in-depth talk on Async in C# 5 without parts of my brain melting, although that means I’ll miss Ian Robinson’s introduction to building RESTful web services with the WCF Web API (which is what Pocket C’#’s servers are running on, btw). I can’t watch Nathan Gloyn’s talk on Agile because he’s on at the same time as me, but I work with Nathan and he knows what he’s talking about, so I promise you that being in either room on Wednesday afternoon will enrich your developer life.

All this awesome cannot be free, sadly, not least because Skills Matter must generate some revenue to help cover all the events they host which are free. But the entry price for three intensive days of learning with real experts in their fields is just £425, and that’s a bargain by any standard. So beg, borrow or steal* the money and sign up through the “book online” link on the event page at Skills Matter:

Hope to see you there. I’ll be the one wearing the Statler head.

*Don’t steal. codeface does not endorse or encourage acts of larceny.

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