Fix and OWIN and Simple.Web

In readiness for my new course on building SPAs with AngularJS, TypeScript and Simple.Web, I published some updates to Simple.Web and Fix last night. The

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I’m intrigued by SteamOS

You’ve probably seen the announcement about SteamOS; if you haven’t, go Google it for yourself. I’m not your mum. This is interesting to me because

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Simple.Data 2.0

Today I started work on the next version of Simple.Data. Even though there hasn’t been an actual, official release of 1.0 yet. That’s something I

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Developer PC 2013

For the last 3 years (since Mrs Rendle offered me a MacBook Pro in exchange for turning my “study” into a spare room) I’ve been

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Don’t unit test trivial code

Hopefully just a brief post in response to one I consider to be spectacularly wrong. TL;DR Don’t test other people’s code. Don’t test implementation details.

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