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From October 10th to 13th, I will be doing a mini-tour of Scottish .NET User Groups, in association with DevExpress and Dot Net Solutions.

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It’s not advertising; it’s sponsorship.

The Ritalin version

Way back in May Gary Park asked if I would come and present at the Aberdeen Developers .NET User Group, and I said “where’s Aberdeen”, and he said “in Scotland”, and I said “where’s Scotland” and he said “hundreds of miles away” and I said “um”. But then we thought if I could visit a few groups that I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to present at, that would be good, and so Gary went off and convinced some other group organisers that this was a cracking opportunity to book some top-notch blathering from quite possibly the softest Southerner south of 55°N, and they said “it’s not that Rendle, is it?” and he said “no” and they said “oh, all right then”, and my Caledonian Code Crusade was conceived. And by the time they realised it was that Rendle, it was too late to book anybody else, so ha.

Completely awesomely, the lovely Rachel Hawley at DevExpress has arranged some sponsorship for this endeavour, and saved me from a fate exactly as bad as freezing to death on park benches. Huge thanks to Rachel and DevExpress for that.

Thanks also to Dot Net Solutions for helping out with fuel costs and allowing me to work from various coffee shops and motorway services for these few days.

So, for the week following DDD North (at which I hope to be presenting (hint, hint)), I’ll be at a user group near you, as long as you live in or near Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee or Aberdeen. I’m still waiting to confirm the talks for a couple of groups, so I’ll fill in the details below as and when I get them.

Monday 10th, Glasgow

In Glasgow, I’ll be sharing some tips on How to Manage Your Manager, and previewing a talk I’m doing at Øredev in November, which is based on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and is all about Quality in software and software development. Details here.

Tuesday 11th, Edinburgh

Code-heavy night in Edinburgh, with the Functional Alchemy talk and CoffeeScript 101, which is premiering at DDD North. Should be fun.

Wednesday 12th, Dundee

I’ll be talking about the Windows Azure Table Storage Service in Dundee, looking at the NoSQL, schema-less nature of the beast, and sharing some ideas on how to take advantage of that fact. Then I’ll share the ever-popular tips on How To Manage Your Manager.

Thursday 13th, Aberdeen

This will be my Functional Alchemy talk, which is usually good fun (and I’ve got a couple of new examples since the last time I gave it); and How to Manage Your Manager, which is inexplicably popular given the uniformly excellent quality of all the managers I’ve worked with over the last 20 years. Oh yes.

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