Learn Simple.Data & Nancy at SkillsMatter

I should have blogged about this ages ago, but I’ve been unbelievably busy. Still, better late-but-not-too-late than never-or-not-soon-enough.

Following the well-received half-day Introduction to Nancy and Simple.Data that I presented with Steven Robbins (@Grumpydev) at the Progressive .NET Tutorials 2011, Wendy at SkillsMatter approached me and asked if I’d be interested in doing a full two-day course. I’ve always been very impressed with the courses they offer, so I jumped at the chance to get involved. So you can now sign up for a full-on, two day deep dive into building web applications with minimal code.

The course will quickly cover the basics, such as View Engines, Dependency Injection, Nancy’s TDD/BDD test helpers and Simple.Data’s built-in data mocking functionality, then move on to more interesting things like: security, authentication (including OAuth) and authorisation; building RESTful web APIs (proper ones, not just HTTP web services); using different data stores with Simple.Data; and different methods for validating data.

It’ll be a heavily interactive couple of days. You can either turn up with an idea for a web application that you want to get started on, or you can work on an app I’ve designed to exercise the skills you’ll be learning. Either way, at the end of the course, that code is yours to take away and use as a starting-off point or a useful reference.

The first instance of the course is on the 12th and 13th of March, and there are still places available. Lots of places. All of them, in fact. So go sign up for it.

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