I’m going 100% digital in 2012

I know it’s early for New Year resolutions, but I’m going to share this one now partly so I don’t forget in six weeks.

I buy a lot of media. I have an entire 6’x3′ bookcase full of technical books, most of which are out of date by at least one version. There’s a cubic hectare of Blu-ray and DVD boxes lying around the place, and I’m pretty sure there are boxes of CDs (remember those?) in the loft somewhere. Probably half the available storage space in my house is taken up with things which would actually fit on a few terabytes of hard disk.

It’s not like everything in the house isn’t already digital. We’ve got a 160GB iPod Classic, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, three laptops, an Xbox 360, a PS3 (with a 320GB HD), a 50Mbps internet connection, and on Saturday we bought an Apple TV.

It’s ridiculous. It has to stop. It ends, starting in January. From then on, where a digital purchase option is available, I shall avail myself of it. I will invest in a home server with a few TB of storage on mirrored drives; I’m thinking of the Lacie 5big Network 2, which will take up to 10TB. Then I can "back up" my movie collection to that, and install iTunes on it for music streaming. Paper books will go to charities and libraries; if I want to read any of them again, I’ll buy them in ebook format. Magazines through Newsstand and papers through the Times iPad app.

Now, I just need Sony and Microsoft to distribute all PS3 and Xbox games digitally, and I need never darken the door of another shop. Not that I do anyway. All this crap comes from Amazon.

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