Annual Review

That Was The Year That Was, That Was

I’ve had a pretty good year this year. It’s been my first full year at Dot Net Solutions, where we’ve had a bit of a time of it with several people moving on to new opportunities; I’m now the Principal Architect round these parts. It’s a primus inter pares type of role, so I still work as lead dev on some projects, but I have an overview of all the projects and I can make tech/process decisions. We’ve had some interesting projects, and some interesting-as-in-may-you-live-in-interesting-times projects, but I think there’s always something to take from whatever it is you find yourself working on.

This was the year I finally realised a long-time ambition and started giving talks in the UK community (and Ireland too thanks to DDD Dublin). I’ve been trying to deliver slightly more in-depth talks, and I think that’s gone over fairly well in most cases, although I’m still learning. Thanks to DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper, DevEvening, NxtGenUG, DotNetDevNet and VBUG for hosting me (and please give me a shout if you’d like more). I’ve met a whole bunch of interesting new people and learned far more than I’ve taught.

I’ve also been a lot more active with my personal/OSS projects: I’ve got a range of libraries/spikes/samples/PoCs up on Github, plus a couple over on Bitbucket. In particular, Simple.Data has gone from a pop at Microsoft to a nearly-finished, already-in-production-use library.

Oh, and I finally got to go to Microsoft in Redmond, where I made a nuisance of myself at an Azure SDR and met some people whose blogs I’ve been reading for years, which was awesome. Very poor swag, though.


Assuming that civilisation as we know it doesn’t come to an end due to solar storms, I’m going to carry on this way in 2011.

Some specific things I want to achieve:

  • Software to ship:
    • Simple.Data 1.0 in January, plus more adapters during the year
    • Pocket C#/F#/VB for Windows Phone 7 in Q1
  • Things to learn:
    • F# to the point where I can use it for real projects
    • MonoTouch/MonoDroid
    • Kinect hacking with OpenNI
  • Community:
    • Lots more presenting to do, including a complete lap of the NxtGenUG circuit. I’m presenting at NxtGenUG in Hereford on the 17th January, and DDD9 at Microsoft Reading on the 29th. Looking for bookings beyond that, so if you’ve got a handful of people and a projector, please give me a shout.
    • I’m going to try for at least one blog post every week, either on here or
    • Get our new user group established.
    • I want to be an MVP.

Bring it on.

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